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Tools Required
The following tools are used in the production of this documentation:

texi2html 1.82
texinfo-tex 4.13a

texi2html will be deprecated in the upcomine texinfo release. At that point,
we will need to provide support for as an alternative means to
produce html output.

This was used by the authors to generate the directory tree figure
in the texinfo printed version:

tree (from the CTAN Archives -- see

Changing the Version Number and Timestamp

RTEMS Version number is in  Edit that file and run bootstrap.

Documentation date is in common/ and also must be modified
by hand.  bootstrap does not have to be run after modifying this file.

Making the Documentation

cd rtems-XXX/doc
./configure --enable-maintainer-mode
make all
make install


make clean
make distclean
make maintainer-clean

Making a Source Distribution
This generates a rtems-<version>.tar.gz in the toplevel directory.

Making a Preformatted Distribution
Install and tar it up. :)
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