Build Memory Stones to teleport to using the Compass in Minecraft
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This plugin for minecraft Bukkit lets you create Memory Stone structures. You can then memorize and teleport to and from memorized stones using your compass

	- @ryantheleach added auto-memorization support
	- Fixed an exception comparing locations in different worlds.
	- Interaction with other sign based plugins sometimes throws NPE's onSignChange event.
	- pointCompassOnly config option if you don't want teleportation, but just set compass to destination.
	- Fixed small quirk where memorizing a stone would select that stone to teleport to instead of leaving it as it was before.
	- Fixed a pretty show-stopping bug where the compass totally didn't work. Whoops.

	- Fixed up an NPE when only one location is memorized and you try teleport stone to stone from it
	- Fixed a small bug if you use lava buckets in water to create your memory stones.

	- Set the default distanceLimit in structureTypes.yml to infinite on all default structure types. This was tripping a lot of people up.
	- Replaced lightningEffect config option with effects.lightningOnCreate and effects.lightningOnBreak
	- Added effects.lightningOnTeleportSource and effects.lightningOnTeleportDestination for effects when teleporting
	- Allow for teleportItem to be set to NONE, which disabled teleporting with an item.
	- Added stonetostone.enabled, to enable teleporting directly from a Memory Stone (without compass)
	- Added stonetostone.item and stonetostone.maxUses if you want to have people pay for stonetostone teleporting
	- Remove 'already memorized' message if stonetostone.enabled
	- Fixed up a charges left bug (was rolling over to 3 charges regardless of max uses)
	- Default language refers to <material> now instead of compass (lang.chargesleft, lang.consumed, lang.teleportitemnotfound)
	- Fixed up a small issue when you cycle locations if you have the memorystone.allmemorized permission
	- Teleport other with other player's name on title of selection screen
	- Teleport within distance of another stone config option
	- Fix up double text when selecting destination without Spout
	- Changed the EconomyManager to Register to support all versions of iConomy, BOSEconomy, Essentials Economy and MultiCurrency
	- Now supports pressing a hotkey to fire up the teleportation screen, defaults to 'C' - Requires Spout on server and SpoutCraft client.

	- Removed dependency to Spout and tested with vanilla CraftBukkit

	- Fixed up NPE on loading structuretypes without distance
	- Added iConomy Support
	- Added BOSEconomy Support
	- Make so that you cannot memorize global memory stones... (no need!)

	- Fixed up the direction the player faces and exact position after teleporting (thanks to ne0nx3r0 and Specops343 of BlueTelepad, their code helped with this!)
	- Cleaned up logging
	- Rework the code to handle multiple worlds easier
	- Fixed a bug with showing the location popup if it gets overridden by another in-game popup.
	- Added memorystone.allmemorized permission, for user to have access to all memory stones in the world.
	- Fixed an issue with breaking and rebuilding memory stones
	- Added crossworld and global crossworld stones
	- Added permissions for building each respective type of memory stone
	- Off by one issue on when exactly filling one page with locations
	- Added structure specific distanceLimits (put them to zero if you want it to be infinite)
	- Sorts memory stones by distance now.
	- Added config option to sort by distance (if false will sort by alphabetical as before)
	- Added noteleport zone structure
	- Externalized the select location title
	- Protect memory stones from being blown up by creepers and TNT
	- Flip left and right click so that teleport is consistient.
	- SpoutCraft teleport selector screen instead of cycling, if client has SpoutCraft installed
	- Ignore when interacting with crafting table and furnace
	- New global memory stone - Expensive, but everyone always has it memorized. (9 Gold blocks, slabs around it sans center piece, 3 obsidian pillar in the middle with diamond block on top)
	- Added permission for zero cooldown.
	- Added permission to use instantly (no casting time)
	- Added op permission to quickly get free, instant, cooldown-less teleporting
	- Fixed plugin.yml version number
	- Implemented Permissions
	- Tweak event handling so that it works cleaner with doors and other interactables
	- Teleport other player by right-clicking on them while holding your compass
	- Workaround for right clicking on doors.
	- Charges are now immediately consumed, to prevent an item-switching bug.

	- Configuration File
	- Fizzle cooldown time
	- Compass item configurable
	- Compass max uses configurable
	- Lightning effect configurable
	- Externalize strings to config file.

	- Initial Release


Kudos to :

The Bukkit team
The Spout team
tprk77 for HealingTotem - I used his awesome structure code - this should really be in the Core Bukkit code.
krinsdeath for ChestSync - I used some of his coding ideas and signage code.
ne0nx3r0 and Specops343 of BlueTelepad - Their code helped me get the yaw and pitch correct.
Nijikokun for Register - Awesome work!

Also, credit goes to the following people for their fantastic input:

Tylui, PhantomX, Kaiemi