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demo Xcode projects for iRTcmix

There are four sub-directories here:

  1. iRTcmix-3.00-basic1 This is a very bare-bones RTcmix example. A button plays a single tone.

  2. iRTcmix-3.00-basic2 A slightly (very slightly) more complex example. A script schedules several random notes, and can be re-triggered by a MAXBANG (if enabled by a switch on the interface)

  3. iRTcmix-3.00-basic3 A very bare-bones example of live audio processing. A button starts a simple PANECHO script. A 'flush' button is also provided to stop the script.

  4. iRTcmix-3.00-demo Written by Damon Holzborn, this shows nearlyt all the features of iRTcmix-3.00. Use this as a resource for seeing how to do particular things (like play a soundfile or an internal audio buffer, see error messages, etc.).

See the README file in the repository for instructions on how to create an Xcode/iRTcmix project.