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BouncyCastle TLS examples
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BouncyCastle TLS examples

  • Following BC versions are supported: 1.50 - 1.58
  • Only RSA keys are supported (using EC keys ends up with an internal error)

Compile with (assuming version 1.56):

mvn clean install -Dbc.version=1.56

Start with:

java -jar BouncyCastleTLS-1.56-1.0.jar [port] [rsa-jks] [rsa-password] [rsa-alias]

If you have an additional EC key, you can use it:

java -jar BouncyCastleTLS-1.56-1.0.jar [port] [rsa-jks] [rsa-password] [rsa-alias] [ec-jks] [ec-password] [ec-alias]
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