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A Demonstrator for Collaborative Encrypted Editing
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Quill module for collaborative encrypted working

This project extends the rich-text editor quill by a module for collaborative end-to-end encryption.


The server runs on HTTPS, therefore a certificate is required. Without providing a private key and the corresponding certificate the server will not start.

The private key (privkey.pem) and the certificate (cert.pem) must be copied into the root directory of the SyncEnc-Demonstrator folder. Afterwards the server can be started with npm start.

Run application

install npm

apt-get install npm

create installation folder %installdir% and clone the xml-enc plugin for sharedb

mkdir %installdir%
cd %installdir%
git clone

clone the quill with encryption repository

git clone

install ottype-xml-enc

cd ottype-xml-enc
npm install
cd ..

install quill with encryption

cd SyncEnc-Demonstrator
npm install

start project

npm start

go to http://localhost:8080

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