A TLS-Attacker maven Template for new TLS-Attacker related projects
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This is an example Maven project which uses TLS-Attacker as a library. It provies a basic pom.xml which you can adjust to your needs and some basic code on how to call TLS-Attacker code. First of all you need to install TLS-Attacker. If you already did that you can skip this step.

git clone https://github.com/RUB-NDS/TLS-Attacker.git
cd TLS-Attacker
mvn clean install
cd ..
\\Now you can clone this project 
git clone https://github.com/RUB-NDS/TLS-Attacker-Project-Template.git
cd TLS-Attacker-Project-Template

Now you should have everything you need. You can build the example project with:

mvn clean package

After you built the project you can run the jar from the apps folder.

java -jar apps/TLS-Attacker-Template.jar "" "50001" "TLS12"

The example code specifies a basic config with an example WorkflowTrace. It then tries to connect to a server on at port 50001. If there is no Server listening on that port you will get an ConfigurationException. We internally use Netbeans to work with TLS-Attacker. However you can use the IDE of your choice. If you have questions just contact @ic0nz1, @jurajsomorovsky or create an issue here on github.

Have fun :)