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Proof-of-Concept Dictionary Attacker against IKEv1 PSK in Main Mode
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IKEv1 dictionary attacker (main mode with PSK)

This repository contains a python 3 attacker against IKEv1 in main mode with pre-shared keys (passwords).

  • Purpose
  • Usergroup
  • Usage
  • Directory Structure
  • Future Work


  • This is a PoC (Proof-of-Concept) to show that main mode psk can be cracked


  • Researcher, IT-Administrators, etc.


  • Specify the *.pcapng file and dict.txt file in and the script tries every password in the dictionary
  • The pcap must contain a ikev1 psk main mode handshake, where the attacker was the responder (via Man-in-the-Middle)
  • The captured must contain at least the first 5 Handshake messages of the IKEv1 Phase 1
  • The 5. message containts the required encrypted data from the initiator
  • You must be the responder during the handshake to know the shared Diffie-Hellman Secret (g^xy)
  • This Diffie-Hellman secret must be specified in the
  • The ID value also needs to be given in the (the structure for StrongSwan can be found in the and logs)

Directory Structure

Dictionary Python Attacker Files
  • loades a pcapng file from pcaps directory
  • computes the hashes corresponding to the passwords found in a given list.txt file from the dict directory
├── pcaps
│   ├── *.pcapng
├── dict
│   ├── *.txt


  • Is it also possible to be the initiator during the handshake?
    • No, only if you are the responder you get the required 5. handshake message
  • Is it enough to only passivly capture the handshake
    • No, because you need to know the Diffie-Hellman Secret
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