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Sec2 is a project funded by Federal Ministry of Education and Research:

Details about the project concept can be found in our research paper:

To test the developed application, you can proceed as follows:

Please Note: you have to compile the application with Apache maven 3.2.3. Otherwise, the following exception will appear: NoClassDefFoundError:org/eclipse/aether/spi/connector/Transfer$State

More information on this problem can be found here:

First, copy the crypto-data to your lib:

$ cp sec2-card/crypto-data /var/lib/sec2/

Compile commons-codec:

$ cd commons-codec-1.5-src
$ mvn clean install

Generate new test keys using the following commands

$ cd sec2-static-testdata
$ mvn clean install

Compile application for Android (please note that you have to have Android SDK installed. We tested our application for android-16):

$ export ANDROID_HOME=[path]
$ cd sec2-basis
$ mvn install --activate-profiles Android -DskipTests=true

To install the application on your phone, use the following command:

$ adb install -r sec2-android/target/sec2-android-1.0-SNAPSHOT.apk

There are two more applications you can compile and test. You can find them under sec2-demo-apps.

Please, be careful. This is just a proof-of-concept of our research project!


Sec2 is a project funded by Federal Ministry of Education and Research:


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