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Masters of Time

An Overview of the NTP Ecosystem

This repository holds the data used for the EuroS&P 2018 paper Masters of Time: An Overview of the NTP Ecosystem.

Evaluation Data

The data used for our NTP study is available at


    author = {Rytilahti, Teemu and Tatang, Dennis and Köpper, Janosch and Holz, Thorsten},
    title = {{Masters of Time: An Overview of the NTP Ecosystem}},
    year = {2018},
    booktitle = {IEEE EuroS&P} 


  • crawler_pcaps: incoming dns & ntp traffic from our crawling server
  • graph_export: contains our graph database in xml & gson format
  • client_mode: mongodb database dump from v4-wide normal mode scans
  • client_pcaps: samples of anonymized client data (tbd)


Visit our website.

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