Adds nodes for Blueprint communication with servers using JSON.
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JSONQuery for Unreal

Adds nodes for Blueprint communication with servers using JSON.



You can clone this repo to your computer and compile it with your project or download a ZIP from the releases page with the binaries. Current Unreal Engine supported version is 4.19.2

  1. Close the Project.
  2. Create a folder named Plugins in your project folder (if there isn't one).
  3. Copy the folder JSONQuery into your Plugins folder.
  4. Launch the project.


To send data to a server/web-service

  1. Use the CreateJSON node to get a new JSON object.
  2. Pull a line from this node and add the Key/Values you want with the AddX nodes.
  3. Always pull the next line from the last Add node. If you pull the line from the CreateJSON node everytime, you'll be adding each Key/Value to a different JSON object.
  4. After the last Add node, pull a line from it's Return Value and call PostJSONRequest with the URL.
  5. If you want to know when the request was completed, pull another line and call BindEventToOnGetResult.

To get data from a server/web-service

  1. Use the GetJSONRequest node with the URL.
  2. Pull a line from this node's Return Value and call BindEventToOnGetResult.
  3. From the resulting event you can get the answer from the server using the JSON variable.


In the releases ZIP files you'll find a Samples folder with an advanced Blueprint example as well as a PHP script for reading the JSON in the server.


The plugin will always display the received answer from the server on the Output Log window. Even if it's not a valid JSON, in which case it'll be highlighted in red.
If you don't have the Output Log window opened, find it on Window > Developer Tools > Output Log.


I strongly advice you to go to the forum thread for help, as it's already filled with people using the plugin and helping each other.