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AssetManager 1.2.0

By Wesley Overdijk and Marco Pivetta

Build Status


This module is intended for usage with a default directory structure of a ZendSkeletonApplication. It provides functionality to load assets and static files from your module directories through simple configuration. This allows you to avoid having to copy your files over to the public/ directory, and makes usage of assets very similar to what already is possible with view scripts, which can be overridden by other modules. In a nutshell, this module allows you to package assets with your module working out of the box.


  1. Add "minimum-stability": "dev" to your composer.json
  2. Require assetmanager:
./composer.phar require rwoverdijk/assetmanager
#when asked for a version, type "dev-master" or "1.*". The latter being prefered.


Take a look at the wiki for a quick start and more information. A lot, if not all of the topics, have been covered in-dept there.

Sample module config:

return array(
    'asset_manager' => array(
        'resolver_configs' => array(
            'collections' => array(
                'js/d.js' => array(
            'map' => array(
                'specific-path.css' => __DIR__ . '/some/particular/file.css',
        'filters' => array(
            'js/d.js' => array(
                    // Note: You will need to require the classes used for the filters yourself.
                    'filter' => 'JSMin',
        'caching' => array(
            'js/d.js' => array(
                'cache'     => 'Apc',

Please be careful, since this module will serve every file as-is, including PHP code.

Questions / support

If you're having trouble with the asset manager there are a couple of resources that might be of help.


The task list has been slimmed down a lot lately. However, there are still a couple of things that should be done.

  • Warming up the cache
  • Renewing the cache
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