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Quake 2 Level and Model viewer

This project contains a cross-platform Quake 2 .bsp and .md2 viewers based on .NET Core 3 and Veldrid.

Q2Viewer - view .bsp files

Demo picture

Supported map features:

  • Texture loading from PAKs
  • Lightmaps (they're combined into atlas for efficient rendering)
  • Light styles (blinking lights, etc.)
  • Warping textures
  • Flowing textures
  • Skyboxes (PCX only)

Camera controls:

  • W/A/S/D/Q/E to move
  • Arrow keys (or hold LMB/RMB) to rotate
  • Shift increases movement speed, Ctrl decreases it


  • F: Show wireframe (including triggers)
  • G: Show gizmo (three colored axes at origin)
  • 1: Normal mode
  • 2: Non-textured mode (randomly colored)
  • 3: Collision volume display mode (brushes)

Modes picture

Fluids picture

How to use:

  -m, --map     Required. Path to a .bsp map
  -p, --paks    List of paths to .pak files

Note - the code is a little bit non-straightforward and non-idiomatic because it's optimized to pursue the following qualities:

  • Minimal state switching - faces are grouped by their diffuse texture to minimize costly GPU state switches;
  • Skipping non-visible geometry - the face groups' AABBs are checked against the frustum;
  • Controllable memory allocation - some things are stack-allocated, and there are two custom allocators:
    • DirectHeapMemoryAllocator allocates arrays in the unmanaged heap to ensure they won't end up in LOH, they're wrapped in a struct which implements Dispose to free them;
    • SharedArrayPoolAllocator reuses an existing array from a shared array pool - it's mostly used in hot paths.

MD2Viewer - view .md2 files

MD2 viewer picture

Loads and renders an animated MD2 model file. Frames are played sequentally.

The frames are packed in to a texture (this technique is often called 'Vertex Animation Texture') and automatically interpolated by the GPU using linear sampling.

Camera controls are the same as above.

How to use:

  -m, --model    Required. Path to a .md2 model
  -p, --paks     List of paths to .pak files


Check Tests/FILE_SAMPLES.txt for information about data files used in the tests.

All trademarks are properties of their respective owners.


Quake 2 map viewer based on Veldrid







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