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Another Zawgyi <=> Unicode Converter


Zawgyi to Unicode has been written in 2011. Now, unicode to zawgyi has been finished.

Why another converter ?

When I was writting ZG2uni , Parabaik was not opensource. At that time, I need to use for MYSTERY ZILLION for converting the whole database to Unicode. So, I wrote ZG2Uni (of course , it has some bugs and some rule missing).

For Unicode to zawgyi , Parabaik is the GPL license and cannot use in iOS app and Android App Parabaik is the LGPL license. So, decided to write new one with WTFPL license.

I cannot promise , it's correct 100% after converting.

If you are not using in app or program and just for converting the text , please use Parabaik



All the rule are under source/rule folder

All the langue template and compile script are under source/lang folder

To Build

cd source
node build.js

You can get build result under the output folder.



  • add kotlin and using hash map instead of json. Thanks @vincent-paing
  • remove swift 1 and 2 in compile list. No more support.