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VESC Configurations

Most of these configuration files are for version 4.12 of the VESC hardware. Be careful, the versions are not compatible. Versions for 4.X will NOT work with VESC 6.X, and generally cause ungood things to happen.

The configuration for VESC-6 is currently VESC-6-Plus-30k.xml. You may tweak the parameters for your needs, the configuration is sort of a baseline.

For VESC 4.X versions (i.e. everything except for VESC-X (FOCBOX) and VESC 6 ), the MIT team recommends using the 6.141_bldc_old_hw_30k_erpm.xml VESC config.

For the VESC-X (FOCBOX), the 6.141 team recommends the 6.141_bldc_VESC_X_hw_30k_erpm.xml VESC config.

For convenience, more simply named duplicate configs are: FOCBOX_hw_30k_erpm.xml for the FOCBOX, and VESC_30k_erpm.xml for the VESC 4.12 and clones.

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