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NOTE: Tokens have been removed from rachel-social-plugin.php. Please enter your own or contact me directly for a test version.

This plugin is a work in progress. Using Maps API, Facebook Graph API, and Twitter PHP SDK, it displays a grid of 6 most recent Twitter and Facebook posts, as well as a map. FB link, Twitter handle, and map address (amongst other custom settings), are available to be customized in the admin.

My focus is primarily back-end development, so that is the main focus of this demo. I have added some front-end, however I acknowledge that it is not (yet) perfect, and will continue to be updated. At this point, my front-end focus is to make the display responsive, fix a some small display bugs with margins, and allow it to fit nicely within different column sizes and themes. At this point, it has not been tested with themes outside TwentySixteen.

A full list of known issues and planned updates are available under the issues tab.