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Bang! Bang! for GameBuino

GameBuino implementation of the Bang! Bang! game.

BangBang screenshot

Playing the game

You need a GameBuino or an emulator.

Refer to the GameBuino homepage, or if you like making things, I advise you the MakerBuino kit.

The GameBuino homepage presents a collection of emulators. I used gbsim for my development.

Compiling the game

You need the Arduino IDE, and the GameBuino library. Please refer to the official wiki.


For the moment, I only tested the game with an emulator. I will be able to test it on hardware when I will receive my MakerBuino from the Kickstarter campaign (hopefully in May 2017). Please feel free to tell me if you have any trouble playing the game, either with an emulator or a physical console.