Next-generation DOM manipulation
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Ractive.js - Next-generation DOM manipulation

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What is Ractive.js?

It's a JavaScript library for building reactive user interfaces in a way that doesn't force you into a particular framework's way of thinking. It takes a radically different approach to DOM manipulation - one that saves both you and the browser unnecessary work.

Features include...

  • Data-binding, with a beautiful declarative syntax.
  • Event handling that doesn't make you tear your hair out.
  • Flexible and performant animations and transitions.
  • And much more!

Getting started

To get a feel for how it will make your life as a web developer easier, head over to the documentation at or get a quick hands-on with interactive tutorials.


All forms of help are welcome! Please read to learn how to contribute.


Copyright (c) 2012-17 Rich Harris and contributors. Released under an MIT license.