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RadaeePDF-Cordova Plugin

The repository has been moved to

The new one contains sources for both Android and iOS.

Official information page:


This plugin is released under the Apache 2.0 license

Only the plugin source code is under the license Apache 2.0, the library included in the plugin follow the license of his owner, please check it on:

Jugaar s.r.l. and Radaee Studio distribute the plugin as-is for free. Jugaar s.r.l. is the maintainer of the plug-in project.

If you, as user and developer need new features or fixes you shall submit them here on GitHub.


cordova plugin add


  1. Create the app using the demo package name, to be able to test all the features (standard, professional and premium).
    cordova create RadaeePDF-Cordova com.radaee.reader RadaeePDF-Cordova (Android)
    cordova create RadaeePDF-Cordova com.radaee.pdf.PDFViewer RadaeePDF-Cordova (iOS)

  2. Add the android/iOS platform.
    cd RadaeePDF-Cordova
    cordova platform add android@latest --save and/or cordova platform add ios --save

  3. Add the plugin.
    cordova plugin add --save

  4. Build the app.
    cordova build

After doing these steps, you will have a ready to use project.


We now support Cordova 6,7,8 and 9 for both Android and iOS platforms.
For cordova-android, latest supported version is 8.0.0, We support cordova-android@7 from version 7.1.4 onwards.
Make sure to update to latest plugin version and to use the command cordova platform add android@latest

The JavaScript Interfaces

License Activation

For Android, you need to call this only when you have your own license, as the demo project already have a demo-premium license. For iOS, you have to call it before calling any other interface.

		licenseType: 0, //0: for standard license, 1: for professional license, 2: for premium license
		company: "", //the company name you entered during license activation
		email: "", //the email you entered during license activation
		key: "" //you license activation key
	function(message) { // Callback for successful opening.
		 console.log("Success: " + message);
	function(err){ // Callback in case of error.
		console.log("Failure: " + err);

Open PDF from file system
		url: "", //The path of the pdf to open
		password: "", //password if needed
		engine: 0 //for Android, 0: for GPU based layout(OpenGL), 1: for CPU based layout.
	function(message) {
		 console.log("Success: " + message);
		console.log("Failure: " + err);
  • Example:

     url: "file:///mnt/sdcard/Download/Test.pdf", //in case of pdf is in the device file system
     url: "", //in case of pdf is on a remote server

Open PDF from assets

		url: "Test.PDF", //the pdf name
		password: "" //password if needed
	function(message) {
		 console.log("Success: " + message);
		console.log("Failure: " + err);

Get last opened file state

Returns the state of the last opened pdf, it can be:

  • File has not been modified.
  • File has been modified but not saved. (Only for Android)
  • File has been modified and saved.
	function(message) {
		 console.log("Success: " + message);
		console.log("Failure: " + err);

For more examples, check demo/js/index.js

Framework Rendering

  • Android: OpenGL and CPU rendering flavors.
  • iOS: CALayer based tiled rendering.

RadaeePDF library version included:

  • Android: v3.55 - 03/May/2021
  • iOS: v3.73

Original development:

More information about RadaeePDF SDK on
For guide please check Knowledge Base articles


Cordova plugin to render PDF file through RadaeePDF SDK (



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