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RadaeePDF-Xamarin Module

Project that enable the use of RadaeePDF SDK ( with Xamarin development tool.

Official information page:


This plugin is released under the Apache 2.0 license.

Only the plugin source code is under the license Apache 2.0, the library included in the plugin follow the license of RadaeePDF, please check it on:

Jugaad s.r.l. and Radaee Studio distribute the plugin as-is for free. Jugaad s.r.l. is the maintainer of the plug-in's project.

If you, as user or developer need new features or fixes you shall submit them here on GitHub.


License Activation

  • Android
RadaeePDFPlugin mRadaeePDFPlugin = new RadaeePDFPlugin();
// bool activated = mRadaeePDFPlugin.activateLicense(this, licenseType, company, email, licenseKey); //old license activation method
bool activated = mRadaeePDFPlugin.activateLicense(this, company, email, licenseKey); //now it is substituted by this one
bool activated = mRadaeePDFPlugin.activateLicense(this, "radaee", "", "LNJFDN-C89QFX-9ZOU9E-OQ31K2-FADG6Z-XEBCAO");

Open PDF from file system/remote server

  • Android
RadaeePDFPlugin mRadaeePDFPlugin = new RadaeePDFPlugin();, password, this); //the file path and the password to open the pdf if exists
Example:"file:///mnt/sdcard/Download/pdf/Test.pdf", "", this); //local"", "", this); //remote

Open PDF from assets

  • Android
RadaeePDFPlugin mRadaeePDFPlugin = new RadaeePDFPlugin();
mRadaeePDFPlugin.openFromAssets(filePath, password); //the file path starting from assets folder and the password to open the pdf if exists
mRadaeePDFPlugin.openFromAssets("test.PDF", "");

RadaeePDF library version included:

  • Android: v3.65.8
  • iOS: v3.73

More information about RadaeePDF SDK on
For guide please check Knowledge Base articles

Original work

Based on the original Xamarin module from