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Awesome SAR

A curated list of awesome SAR software, libraries, and resources.

Inspired by awesome-python.


Software capable of multiple processing steps

InSAR Processing Software

Software and libraries for interferometric synthetic aperture radar (InSAR)

  • GMT5SAR - InSAR processing system based on GMT. (page for developers)
  • ISCE - InSAR Scientific Computing Environment.
  • Doris - Delft object-oriented radar interferomtric software.
  • Gamma ($$) - Gamma Remote Sensing SAR and Interferometry Software.

PolSAR Processing Software

Software and libraries for polarimetric and polarimetric interferometric SAR (PolSAR / PolInSAR)

  • PolSARPro - The ESA Polarimetric SAR Data Processing and Educational Tool
  • RAT - RAT Radar Tools (discontinued)

Time Series Analysis Software

Software and libraries for multitemporal/time series InSAR analysis

  • GIAnT - Generic InSAR Analysis Toolbox.
  • MintPy - Miami INsar Time-series software in PYthon.
  • PyRate - A Python tool for Rate and Time-series Estimation
  • SARPROZ - The SAR PROcessing tool by periZ
  • StaMPS/MTI - Stanford Method for Persistent Scatterers - git-version

Tropospheric Noise Correction Software

Software and libraries for performing tropospheric noise corrections

  • PyAPS - Python based Atmospheric Phase Screen Estimation.
  • TRAIN - Toolbox for Reducing Atmospheric InSAR Noise - git-version.

Geospatial Tools

Libraries useful for geospatial and post-processing analysis of SAR data

  • ASF Map Ready - MapReady Remote Sensing Tool Kit
  • GDAL - Geospatial Data Abstraction Library
  • GMT - Generic Mapping Tools
  • QGIS
  • GRASS - Geographic Resources Analysis Support System),

Radar Related GitHub Repos

Collect and classify open projects on GitHub related to SAR

  • Data discovery and download

    • SSARA - Seamless SAR Archive project repository
    • ArchiveTools - Scripts for downloading and searching data
    • SentinelSat - Search and download Sentinel images from the command line or with the Python API.
  • Software and Utilities

  • System configuration and installation

    • insar_instal - Set of scripts that automatically install InSAR softwares
    • isce_notes - Installation notes of ISCE software
    • oldLinuxSetup - Setup python environment using anaconda on old linux machines
    • ElCaptanSetup - Instructions for setting up an OS X El Capitan machine from scratch

Relevant Image processing libraries


Where to discover new SAR libraries and resources.

Data Archives


For more software refer to the - SARbian list - List of geographic information systems software.



Your contributions are always welcome! Please take a look at the contribution guidelines first.


A curated list of awesome Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) software, libraries, and resources.




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