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Radeon Open Compute Thunk Interface
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Philip Cox Philip Cox
Philip Cox and Philip Cox Fix type mismatch passed to queue suspend/resume
The queue IDs passed over to the kernel via kfd_ioctl_dbg_trap_args->ptr
should be a list of uint32_t's.  Need to convert from the passed in
64 bit HSA_QUEUEID to 32 bit uint32_t's.

Change-Id: I8718566d9f9ffc90ce0b2ecc129b10c49d73186a
Signed-off-by: Philip Cox <>
Latest commit b990b26 May 14, 2019
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DEBIAN Specify requirement of NUMA libs for Thunk Oct 25, 2018
RPM Specify requirement of NUMA libs for Thunk Oct 25, 2018
cmake_modules Fix git describe command to retrieve version tags correctly. Jul 11, 2018
include libhsakmt: Update wave suspend/resume API May 3, 2019
src Fix type mismatch passed to queue suspend/resume May 15, 2019
tests Fix type mismatch passed to queue suspend/resume May 15, 2019
.gitignore add outgoing/ to .gitignore Oct 28, 2014
CMakeLists.txt libhsakmt: Disable -Werror by default May 7, 2019 use rbtree instead of vm_objects list Jul 9, 2018
Makefile Add back GNU Makefiles. Jul 30, 2017 Update README to reflect cmake change Jan 4, 2018 cmake: Create cmake config file Apr 3, 2019
hsakmt-dev.txt libhsakmt: Fix pkg-config file paths Aug 4, 2018

ROCt Library

This repository includes the user-mode API interfaces used to interact with the ROCk driver. Currently supported agents include only the AMD/ATI Fiji family of discrete GPUs.

Starting at 1.7 release, ROCt uses drm render device. This requires the user to belong to video group. Add the user account to video group with "sudo usermod -a -G video username" command if the user if not part of video group yet.

ROCk Driver

The ROCt library is not a standalone product and requires that you have the correct ROCk driver set installed. We recommend reading the full compatibility and installation details which are available in the ROCk github:

Building the Thunk

A simple cmake-based system is available for building thunk. To build the thunk from the the ROCT-Thunk-Interface directory, execute:

    mkdir -p build
    cd build
    cmake ..

If the hsakmt-roct and hsakmt-roct-dev packages are desired:

    mkdir -p build
    cd build
    cmake ..
    make package
    make package-dev


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