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Simplest possible Integration of DID-SIOP to vanila HTML/JavaScript App with a Node/Express backend.

How to test?

  • Install DID-SIOP Chrome extension from here
  • Setup the browser extension Video guide
  • Clone this repository and run following commands to build and run the server
npm install
node server.js

How it works?

  • index.html is a public page in a website
  • As this page get loaded,
    • Installed did-siop browser extension binds an event to the login button (since it has the custom attribute data-did-siop)
    • Then requests the Authentication Request Object (ARO) from the server
  • Server generate the ARO using Relying Party's (RP) DID and Private Key (server.js/generateRequestObject)
    • Important to note, the Private Key of the RP is in the backend, so no compromise on the key
  • Server returns the ARO as an JSON object to the index.html
  • Callback function sets the ARO to custom attribute data-did-siop of the login button
  • User click on the login button,
  • did-siop browser extension picks up the request
  • On the extension
    • Verify the validity of the RP's request (Using RP's DID & Public Key)
    • Generate a response using Users DID & Private Key (This info is available from extension configurations)
    • Then redirect the user to the secure page home.html
  • In the home.html, RP verify the validity of the response received
  • If everything looks good, allow the user to the secure area (in this case home.html)


Minimalistic integration of DID-SIOP






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