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Made at the Recurse Center

Yet another demonstrate project. This one uses pseudo terminals, so the prompt for the interpreter doesn't need to be faked. Also, the input of each line is fake typed a la hacker typer.

After the full line has been "typed" the script will silently eat input until the enter key is pressed. Blank lines in the script file will be silently ignored.

You can also switch into "input mode" at any time by hitting the ESC key. This means you can then use whatever line editing facilities your chosen interpreter provides (like readline hopefully), and type any ad-libbed commands needed. When you want to go back to demonstrating mode press ESC again.

Once all of the lines of input from the file have been consumed, the interpreter will keep running until it's fed two end of lines (i.e. ctrl-d's). I think it takes two because one signals EOF to the background process and one signals EOF to the current python process.

An Example

There are several demonstration scripts in the scripts directory. They're not very interesting actually...

./demonstrate.py scripts/shscript sh


This script is PROBABLY NOT PORTABLE. I wrote it on a Mac, and the logic for looking for the enter key being pressed looks exactly for the byte 0x0D a.k.a. 13 a.k.a. \r a.k.a. ASCII character DC3. This is clearly what my terminal sends, but it might not be true for yours...