Shell script for easily demonstrating a series of commands.
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Made at the Recurse Center

Does live coding make you nervous?

Have you ever mistyped a command in front of a live audience, several times in a row?

If so, then is for you! Pass in a script file, containing the commands you want to demonstrate, and the interpreter to feed them too. Demonstrate will show the prompt from the interpreter. When you hit the spacebar, the next line from the script will be printed after the prompt. When you hit enter, that line will be fed to the interpreter and the output from it will appear as though you had executed it directly! Wash, rinse, repeat!

An Example

There's a demonstration script included in the repository. This is how you should run it:

./ script bash

Now, hitting space will cause the next line of "input" to appear. Then, hitting enter will cause that line to be sent to the interpreter.