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This is a pre-release package, containing:

  1. Demo.zip (sample data files)
  2. LogFileViewer.resx
  3. LogFileViewerComponent.dll
  4. Scatterthon.exe
  5. Scatterthon.exe.config
  6. SpectrumLab.Scripts.zip (scripts that generate output log files from SpectrumLab as input for Scatterthon)
  7. SpectrumLab Setup Article.pdf (the original article at BBC S@N by Paul Hyde, explaining a basic meteor station setup)

Of these files, the following four constitute Scatterthon software package:

  • LogFileViewer.resx
  • LogFileViewerComponent.dll
  • Scatterthon.exe
  • Scatterthon.exe.config

If this is not the first time you are using Scatterthon, you will only need the first 3 files to over-write your old ones.

Otherwise, these 4 files need to be placed in the following default location on your computer:

Another folder needs to be created for holding the input files for Scatterthon:

Please unzip the attached Demo.zip resources into this Demo folder, so that you have under Demo the following folders:

  1. highlights
  2. logs
  3. screenshots

Please ensure you have the latest .NET framework installed on your Windows computer.
The application has been tested on Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10.

Once all the files are in place, double-click on Scatterthon.exe to start the application.

Test cases and a user manual will be made available on the project's Wiki, incrementally, during 2016 and onwards.

Jul 5, 2016
Discounting unclassified records as RMOB events
Jan 11, 2016
Handle incorrectly formatted input log files