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A WordPress plug-in to handle Rivendell's "Now and Next" history
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=== Rivendell Now&Next collector and browser === Contributors: kirchgem Tags: podcast, audio, feed, radio, media Requires at least: 4.9 Tested up to: 5.1 Stable tag: 1.0 License: GPLv2 or later License URI:

This plug-in:

  • Collects "Now & Next" signals from RDAirPlay (Rivendell's automation software)
  • Creates a /playlist Wordpress page (which you can edit to change the title and the header text) where the user can browse Rivendell's playlist.

We have 3 roles for the machines involved:

  • a player, the one running RDAirplay, will send now & next signals via UDP to the transmitter.
  • a transmitter, which runs our script. This machine can be the player.
  • a wordpress server, which will receive artist/title signals from the transmitter.



On the player:

  • launch RDAdmin
  • click Manage hosts
  • select your player
  • click the RDAirplay button
  • click the Configure Now & Next parameters button
  • In the Master log (at the top) section, enter the IP of the transmitter. The UDP port number should match the PORT written in the transmitter script.
  • In UDP string enter %a___%t%R (that's 3 underscores)
  • Click OK to close all this
  • Restart RDAirplay on the player.

On the WordPress server:

  • Copy the plug-in forlder in your Wordpress installation (to /wp/wp-content/plugins).
  • Log in Wordpress as an admin and go to the extensions page.
  • Find "Rivendell Now&Next collector and browser" in the list, and click on "activate".
  • In the left menu browse to "Settings" and "Rivendell".
  • Set a secret key: choose something long.

On the transmitter (assuming this is a freshly installed CentOS7, where we listen on port 2345):

  • sudo yum install nmap-ncat
  • sudo firewall-cmd --permanent --zone=public --add-port=2345/udp
  • sudo firewall-cmd --reload
  • change change at least WORDPRESS_BASE_URL and KEY, according to what you set above.
  • copy this file to the transmitter machine, log in and run the script with ./ &> listen_now_and_next_and_post_to_wordpress.log &
  • type disown %1 before logging out

Tracks should start to appear on

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