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I have written some programs that send an animations in NDI format. Several versions of the studio clock and ticker. The clock reads data from a calendar shared on the web and displays rundown based on this data. Ticker reads any RSS feed and displays it as a scrolling ticker bar. The tools are written in Python. The installer is beyond my will to do free work. However, I wrote instructions on how to compile the ndi-python library and how to install additional Python libraries necessary to run my programs. Enjoy.

Macos Install

NDI Tools for MacOS

You will need at last NDI Monitor to check NDI streams generated by tools.


xCode and xCode commandline tools

Install xcode (on systems older than MacOS 11 you have to download xcode from archival page here but I am afraid you will have to authenticate with your Apple ID). You need xCode and xCode Command Line tools installed.

Install homebrew

curl -fsSL -o

Install cmake

brew install cmake

Install virtualenv

pip3 install virtualenv

Make virtualenv for python3 environment

cd ~

virtualenv -p python3 vw

Activate virtual environment

source vw/bin/activate

Install numpy

pip3 install numpy

Install opencv

brew install opencv (it will take some time)

Install opencv Python wrapper

pip3 install opencv-python

Install Pillow library

pip3 install pillow

Install ICS reading library

pip3 install ics

Install Requests library

pip3 install requests

Install matplotlib

pip3 install matplotlib

Install rss-parser library

pip3 install rss-parser

Clone ndi commandline tools

git clone --recursive

Clone NDI-python wrapper

git clone --recursive

Build NDI-Python wrapper

cd ndi-python/

cmake ./

cmake --build ./ --config Release

Copy to /clk compiled lib

it will be something like

Go to clk folder

cd clk

To run clock type


To run ticker type


To change calendar used by application CLOCK share with everyone your google calendar, find it's address and replace it on this line in file.

icsurl = ""


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