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Mercury is a game library designed to simplify the complex and shorten the tedious for both the beginning and the experienced. With it, you can make use of OpenGL in an easy and organized way optimized for game development. It's built so that both beginners and newcomers to game development can to start with the basics and then move up onto a more complex plane of development with the veterans, all on the same platform. We believe that game development is something everybody should be able to do with ease, and that's what this project aims to help with.

Mercury sticks to keeping things short and simple. The initial setup of a game consists only of making a single class; then you are done. The interface is entirely documented for easy and fast learning. Once you get started, there is nothing between you and your killer game except coding and creativity.

Mercury is entirely built around the wishes of its users, so please do not hesitate to suggest and critique!


Official Website - Community Forum - Documentation - Wiki/Guides

We also have an IRC Channel that you can visit to ask questions, talk about the library, and just chat! (#Mercury on


Mercury comes packed with just enough features built in to it to ensure that your games are brilliant, yet lightweight. These features include, but aren't limited to: a particle engine, hardware-accelerated OpenGL graphics, image post-processing, geometry, various audio capabilities, and a simple GUI toolkit that allows for the easy creation of graphical user interfaces. There's also many more to come.

Report Bugs

You can report any problems you find in the library using the Github Issue Tracker.


Don't be shy! Mercury is still in development and needs all the help it can get to grow successfully.
Read the Contribution Guide on the wiki to begin contributing.

Maven Repository

You can use the maven repo at

Radirius Contact Information

Name Mail Website
Wesley LaFerriere
Kay Parsons


Mercury is licensed under the MIT Public License.

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