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A ChoiceView Demo Application for the Avaya Platform


ChoiceView is a Communications-as-a-Service (CAAS) platform that allows visual information to be shared between contact center agents or IVR systems and mobile users equipped with the ChoiceView app.


The [ChoiceView REST API] ( is a REST-based service that enables visual capabilities on new and existing IVR systems. A ChoiceView-equipped IVR provides visual menus and visual responses to callers. If live assistance is needed, it can transfer the call to a contact center agent with payload delivery and continued visual sharing

This repository contains source code for a ChoiceView implementation on the Avaya Experience Portal platform.

There are two applications:

RadishTest- A simple Orchestration Designer application that is executed if the caller elects 
not to use ChoiceView.

RadishDemo- A CCXML based application that implements the ChoiceView API. The application 
consists of two parts. The CCXML/jsp code drive the voice interface and handle events from the 
ChoiceView API. The other part consists of Java servlet that spawns a new Thread for every 
ChoiceView session. This Thread polls the ChoiceView session looking for status changes. If a 
change is detected, then API calls are made to tell the ChoiceView session to send a message to 
the CCXML application. This design takes into consideration the security restrictions that exist
in the Avaya Experience Portal Environment. The API messages are being sent from the 
Application/Web Server to the basichttp processor. This should all occur inside the firewall of 
the runtime environment.

See the following files for the Servlet code: choiceview-webapi-avaya-demo\RadishDemo\WEB-INF\src\com\radish\choiceview\ choiceview-webapi-avaya-demo\RadishDemo\WEB-INF\src\com\radish\choiceview\


All dependencies to compile and run the application exist within the Avaya file. This file can be generated with Orchestration Designer. Additionally, there are 2 files included in the WEB-INF/lib directory. One contains the ChoiceView API and the other is generated by Orchestration Designer. The "scert" jar may differ based on your version of Orchestration Designer.

* choiceview-webapi-java-1.1-avaya-alpha4.jar
* scert-

Specific dependencies required to build the project consist of the following. "TOMCAT_HOME" assumes a Tomcat installation.If you are running WebLogic or WebSphere, then substitute for your local development environment. * "TOMCAT_HOME/lib/servlet-api.jar" * "TOMCAT_HOME/lib/jasper.jar" * "TOMCAT_HOME/lib/jsp-api.jar" * "TOMCAT_HOME/lib/el-api.jar" * "TOMCAT_HOME/lib/annotations-api.jar" * "TOMCAT_HOME/lib/commons-httpclient-3.1.jar" * "TOMCAT_HOME/lib/httpclient-4.2.1.jar" * "TOMCAT_HOME/lib/log4j-1.2.15.jar" * "TOMCAT_HOME/lib/scertcommon-" * "TOMCAT_HOME/lib/commons-codec-1.6.jar" * "TOMCAT_HOME/lib/hamcrest-core-1.1.jar" * "TOMCAT_HOME/lib/httpclient-4.2.1-tests.jar" * "TOMCAT_HOME/lib/httpcore-4.0.jar" * "TOMCAT_HOME/lib/httpcore-4.2.1.jar" * "TOMCAT_HOME/lib/jackson-core-asl-1.9.9.jar" * "TOMCAT_HOME/lib/jackson-mapper-asl-1.9.9.jar"


MIT License

Building the Application

The file should build in Orchestration Designer "as-is" assuming that the Avaya runtime support file has been exported to your local development environment. You may need to adjust your Java build path to include the files in the "Dependencies" Section.

Running the Application

To use the RadishDemo application, you must have a mobile device with the latest ChoiceView client installed. You should know the phone number of the mobile device, or the phone number that the ChoiceView client is configured to use. The client must be configured to use the ChoiceView development server. On iOS devices, press Settings, then Advanced, then change the server field to On Android devices, press the menu button, then Settings, then scroll down to the server field and change it to

Once connected to the application running on the Avaya Experience Portal, you will be prompted to press the "Start" button on your mobile device client. If configured correctly, you should see "ChoiceView Agent Connected" and you will be presented with the Main Menu. Now, you can tap a selection on the mobile client as well as interact with the Voice Application.

Contact Information

If you want more information on ChoiceView, or want access to the ChoiceView REST API, contact us.

Radish Systems, LLC


ChoiceView Demo Application for the Avaya Platform




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