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Proximity Kit by Radius Networks

The Proximity Kit cloud service and mobile SDK from Radius Networks enables developers to add geofence and proximity beacon capabilities to their iOS mobile application in minutes.

  • Manage and sync beacons to your app.
  • No more hardcoding coordinates in your code.
  • Implements industry best practices.

About Proximity Kit for iOS

Designed to help developers build location aware apps. By providing a rich SDK built on top of the latest geofence and beacon technology, Proximity Kit gives you the events you need to keep your app relevant and useful to your users.

Upon entering or leaving an beacon or geofence region, Proximity Kit notifies your app of the proximity event along with region identifiers and associated metadata. While in an beacon region, Proximity Kit provides additional ranging services for continuous proximity updates relative to the phone's distance from the beacon.


See the getting started guide for details.


For general service questions and help consult the Radius Networks support knowledge base.

If you've found a problem in this library, perform a search under Issues in case it has already been reported. If you do not find any issue addressing it, feel free to open a new one.

Your issue report should contain a title and a clear description of the issue at a minimum. Please provide as much relevant information as possible to replicate the issue. This should include the Java and library versions, a code sample demonstrating the issue, and device OS information. Providing a unit test that demonstrates the issue is greatly appreciated. Your goal should be to make it easy for yourself - and others - to replicate the bug and figure out a fix.


Copyright (c) 2014 by Radius Networks

All Rights Reserved

Usage of this library implies agreement to abide by the license terms and Radius Networks terms of service.

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