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The plugin for custom fields in WordPress
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Ultimate Fields

Ultimate Fields is a plugin, that allows you to add custom fields in many places throughout the WordPress administration area, supporting a total of more than 30 field types, including repeaters, layouts and etc.


As a standard plugin

Ultimate Fields is available in the plugins repository, which means that you can install it as a standard plugin through the dashboard.

As a Composer package

Please read the As a Composer package section of the documentation.

As a repository

If you'd like to contribute back to the plugin, you can clone this repository as a plugin, but you will need to manually compile the stylesheets, which is done through NPM:

cd /PATH-TO-YOUR-WEBSITE/wp-content/plugins
git clone
cd ultimate-fields
npm install
npm run build

Once you do so, the plugin will be fully compiled and ready to use. During development you might want to execute npm run watch in order for your changes to be applied immediately.


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