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AssetStudio is an independent tool for exploring, extracting and exporting assets.

None of the repo, the tool, nor the repo owner is affiliated with, or sponsored or authorized by, Unity Technologies or its affiliates.

This project is no longer maintained. Thank you all for your feedback and testing.

It is the continuation of my Importer script for 3ds Max, and comprises all my research and reverse engineering file formats. It has been thoroughly tested with builds from most platforms, ranging from Web, PC, Linux, MacOS to Xbox360, PS3, Android and iOS. This project is no longer maintained and is probably not compatible with recent builds.

Current features

  • Export to FBX, with complete hierarchy, transformations, materials and textures. Geometry is exported with normals, tangents, UV coordinates, vertex colors and deformers. Skeleton nodes can be exported either as bones or dummy deformers..
  • Extraction of assets that can be used as standalone resources:
    • Textures: DDS (Alpha8bpp, ARGB16bpp, RGB24bpp, ARGB32bpp, BGRA32bpp, RGB565, DXT1, DXT5, RGBA16bpp)
    • Audio clips: mp3, ogg, wav, xbox wav (including streams from .resS files)
    • Fonts: ttf, otf
    • Text Assets
    • Shaders
  • Real-time preview window for the above-mentioned assets
  • Diagnostics mode with useful tools for research

UI guide

Item Action
File -> Load file/folder Open Assetfiles and load their assets. Load file can also decompress and load bundle files straight into memory
File -> Extract bundle/folder Extract Assetfiles from bundle files compressed with lzma or l4z
Scene Hierarchy search box Search nodes using * and ? wildcards. Press Enter to loop through results or Ctrl+Enter to select all matching nodes
Asset List filter box Enter a keyword to filter the list of available assets; wildcards are added automatically
Diagnostics press Ctrl+Alt+D to bring up a hidden menu and a new list
Bulid class structures Create human-readable structures for each type of asset; available only in Web builds!

Other interface elements have tooltips or are self-explanatory.


The reposiotory, code and tools provided herein are for educational purposes only. The information not meant to change or impact the original code, product or service. Use of this repository, code or tools does not exempt the user from any EULA, ToS or any other legal agreements that have been agreed with other parties. The user of this repository, code and tools is responsible for his own actions.

Any forks, clones or copies of this repository are the responsability of their respective authors and users.


AssetStudio is an independent tool for exploring, extracting and exporting assets.







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