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A simple Read Evaluate Print Loop implimented in Java
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Introduction to REPL in Java
To start the program, run Shell. It will prompt you for an input. 
Imports will be placed where they should go, at the beginning of the file. 
All orders("int a = 5;" and the like) will be put into REPL.main().
To enter a method, use a } at the start of the line.
Example run($=bash prompt; >=our prompt; >>=Shell's response):
$java Shell
>import java.util.List;
>}public static String foo{return "bar";}
>int a=5;
>>5 //BROKEN: won't print an "int x = y" statement

=all methods must be declared as static
//keep adding here

* Documentation:

README: General information (This file) Create sourcecode from string Holds the commands to run Where the eventual code will be stored (actually in REPL.class) Interface to write to REPL.class
Makefile: Compiles everything, as of now, forces a test
testRes: That which should output
The org folder is for importing* (this can be found at

	--The Win Monkeys
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