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Mar 01, 2012
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... ... @@ -1,6 +1,18 @@
1   -The org folder is for importing* (this can be found at
  1 +Introduction to Java-REPL
  2 +To start the program, run Main. It will prompt you for an input.
  3 +Imports will be handled normally.
  4 +All orders("int a = 5;" and the like) will be put into main.
  5 +To enter a method, use a } at the start.
  6 +Example run:
  7 +$Java-REPL Shell
  8 +"Please begin input"
  9 +$import java.util.List;
  10 +$int a = 5;
  11 +
  12 +//Note to KellerKeller, continue writing this when main is viewable.
2 13
3   - --The Win Monkeys
  14 +The org folder is for importing* (this can be found at
  15 +--The Win Monkeys
4 16
5 17
6 18 No clue

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