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AlexALX Cap rev 498 changes:
* New shorter door frame model for Atlantis Door 3.
* Added clipping to cap doors.
* New SG1 Stargate "9 Chevron Mode" what will change gate to dial only 9 chevrons with different sequence of chevron activation (1-2-3-8-9-4-5-6-7). In this mode you can't dial 7-8 chevron addresses, but still can accept any incoming connections.
* Also added new wire input/output "9 Chevron Mode" for SG1/Infinity stargates. This options also saves with gatespawner.

* Doors now always auto-close when lockdown is enabled.
* Rings now also share Material from the Ring Base.
* Made the secret door, buttons and console of Dakara Weapon untouchable by physgun.
* Updated Lucian Door Opener viewmodel, fixes lighting issues.
* Lucian Door Opener is now untouchable by physgun.
* Now lights on Lucian Door Opener change color.
* Rings now also share Material from the Ring Base.
* Now gatespawner can save color/material and renderfx for all cap entities. And also gatespawner can save Event Horizon Type and Color.
* French translation, thanks to rorog2.

* Ring Base up/down animation not playing when using rings just after they finished transporting.
* NPC's shoot twice from CAP weapons (gmod bug?).
* Folder garrysmod/lua/data now have higher priority when loading gatespawners (fixes problem with default gatespawner files override).
* Atlantis red texture for door frame not saved with duplicator.
* Fixed tokra shield effect render crash.

Thank you for Gmod4phun for some parts of this update.
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The Stargate Carter Pack

Stargate Carter Pack more commonly known as Carter's Addon Pack or CAP is an addon for Garry's mod that adds new content elements to the game, all based off the Stargate franchise from the 1994 film to the late Stargate Universe. Carter's Addon Pack gives the most impressive array of Stargate elements for Garry's Mod, allowing much more diversity & variations for Stargate gameplay in Garry's Mod.

CAP (Carter's Addon Pack) covers many themes found in Stargate, such as Lantean technology, Asgard technology and many others, without forgetting the devices and weapons found and seen in the Stargate shows, which often became deadly threats or powerful assets to the people of Stargate Command, Atlantis and Destiny.

From piloting starships to building bases, the Stargate Carter Pack provides players with great replayability, creativity, and more!

More information can be found in the Wiki located here: