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Welcome to the Stargate Carter Pack Wiki

Stargate Carter Pack more commonly known as Carter's Addon Pack or CAP is an addon for Garry's mod that adds new content elements to the game, all based off the Stargate franchise from the 1994 film to the late Stargate Universe. Carter's Addon Pack gives the most impressive array of Stargate elements for Garry's Mod, allowing much more diversity & variations for Stargate gameplay in Garry's Mod.

CAP (Carter's Addon Pack) covers many themes found in Stargate, such as Lantean technology, Asgard technology and many others, without forgetting the devices and weapons found and seen in the Stargate shows, which often became deadly threats or powerful assets to the people of Stargate Command, Atlantis and Destiny.

From piloting starships to building bases, the Stargate Carter Pack provides players with great replayability, creativity, and more!

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The future and end of CAP!

After many years, where lots of talented people came together to make this addon possible, where others supported the addon in their own way. We sadly had to announce the disbandment of the Carter Addon Pack's team on 11/12/2015.

With the disbandment of the team we made a decision to further extend the future of CAP and as a general Stargate addon for Garry's Mod. To make our content publicly available for others to remix, transform or build upon, to make adaptations of the addon or make a complete new Stargate Addon!

This whole addon is from that day licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. More information can be found on the FAQ Licensing Page.


  • Download & Installation: All the information on how to download and install the addon.
  • Teleportation Systems: The different Stargate teleportation and control technologies.
  • The Vehicles: Various known vehicles like the Puddle Jumper and the Death Glider.
  • Weapon Devices: The various weapon systems found in Stargate universe.
  • Player Weapons: The Scripted Weapons such as the famous Staff weapon & Zat'nik'tel.
  • Misc Weapons: The Scripted non-hostile weapons like the Sodan cloak & Goa'uld shield.
  • Miscellaneous: All objects or entities that don't fit into any of the above categories.
  • STools: Various tools that are useful for creating contraptions or in combination with Stargates.
  • Extra: Extra Features and Information like Gatespawners and ConVars.
  • FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions about the Carter's Addon Pack.
  • Documentation: Documentation about the addons wiremod functions, internal lua hooks, etc.

List of all the Content in the addon:

Item: Item Type:
AG-3 Satellite Weapon
Ancient Obelisk Misc Devices
Animated Ramps Stool – Ramps
Anti Priori Device Misc Devices
Apple Core Misc Devices
Arthurs Mantle Misc Devices
Asgard Beam Weapon Weapon
Asgard Transporter Misc Devices
Ashen Defence System Stool – Weapons
Asuran Gun Player Weapons
Asuran Satellite Weapon
Asuran ZPM Hub Stool – Energy
Atanik Armband Misc SWEP
Atlantis Transporter Misc Devices
Atlantis ZPM Hub Stool – Energy
BC-304 Daedalus Ship
Black Hole Misc Devices
Braziers Stool – Tech
CFD Misc Devices
Cloaking Stool – Tech
Console Stool – Tech
Control Chair Ship
Control Panel Stool – Tech
Dakara Weapon Weapon
Death Glider Ship
Destiny Console Misc Devices
Destiny Shuttle Ship
Destiny Timer Misc Devices
DHD (City) Stargate & Ring Devices
DHD (Concept) Stargate & Ring Devices
Door Controller Stool – Tech
Doors Stool – Tech
Drone Launcher Weapon
Drones Stool – Weapons
F-302 Ship
Floor Chevron Stool – Tech
Gate Bearing Stool – Tech
Gate Glider (Needle Threader) Ship
Gate Overloader Weapon
Gate Weapon Weapon
Goauld Iris Stool – Tech
Goauld Mobile DHD Misc SWEP
Gravity Controller Stool – Tech
Hand Device Player Weapons
Harvestor Stool – Tech
Horizon Missile Weapon
Ion Cannon Weapon
Iris Stool – Tech
Jaffa Dagger Player Weapons
Jamming Device Stool – Tech
Jumper Remote Misc SWEP
Kine Dispensor & Kino Remote Device Misc Devices
Lantean Holo Misc Devices
Life Sign Detector Misc SWEP
Main Weapon Weapon
MALP & MALP Remote Misc Devices
MCD (Molecular Construction Device) Misc Devices
Medium Turret Weapon
Minidrone Platform Weapon
Mobile DHD Stool – Tech
Naquada Generator Mk 1/2 Stool – Energy
Naquadah Bomb Stool – Weapons
Non Animated Ramps Stool – Ramps
Nox Hands Misc SWEP
Ori Beam Cannon Weapon
Ori Satellite Weapon
Ori Staff Weapon Player Weapons
Personal Shield Misc SWEP
Puddle Jumper Ship
Ring Caller Misc SWEP
Ring Ramps Stool – Ramps
Rings & Ring Panel (Ancient) Stargate & Ring Devices
Rings & Ring Panel (Goauld) Stargate & Ring Devices
Rings & Ring Panel (Ori) Stargate & Ring Devices
Ronon's Gun Player Weapons
SG FN P90 Player Weapons
SGC ZPM Hub Stool – Energy
Shaped Charge Weapon
Shield Core Misc Devices
Shield Core Stool – Tech
Ship Railgun Weapon
Ships Hangar Misc Devices
Small Turret Weapon
Sodan Cloaking Misc SWEP
Sodan Obelisk Misc Devices
Staff Weapon Player Weapons
Staff Weapon Stool – Weapons
Stargate & DHD (Atlantis) Stargate & Ring Devices
Stargate & DHD (Infinity) Stargate & Ring Devices
Stargate & DHD (SG1) Stargate & Ring Devices
Stargate & DHD (Universe) Stargate & Ring Devices
Stargate (Movie) Stargate & Ring Devices
Stargate (Orlin) Stargate & Ring Devices
Stargate (Tollan) Stargate & Ring Devices
Stargate GDO Misc SWEP
Stargate Iris Computer Misc Devices
Stationry Railgun Weapon
Stationry Staff Weapon Weapon
Stone & Stone Tablet Misc Devices
Supergate Stargate & Ring Devices
Supergate DHD Stool – Tech
Tampered ZPM Stool – Weapons
Telchak Healing Device Misc Devices
TelTak Ship
Tokra Shield Controller Stool – Tech
Tokra Shield Emmiter Stool – Tech
Tollan Weapon Disabler Stool – Tech
Wraith Blaster Player Weapons
Wraith Dart Ship
Wraith Hands Player Weapons
Wraith Stun Bomb Stool – Weapons
Zat'nik'tel Player Weapons
ZPM MK III Stool – Energy


Credits - Staff:

  • AlexALX - Coding, The Group System, Fixes, Mapping
  • Locutus_1 - Sounds
  • Orrila - Wiki, site administration
  • Rafaël De Jongh - Texturing, Shaders, Modeling, Uv-mapping, (V)GUI, Site Administrating
  • Assassin21 - Code, Models
  • Iziraider - Models, Textures
  • Llapp - Code, SFX, Site Administrating
  • Madman07 - Code, Models, Uv-mapping
  • RononDex - Code “Ships and Model Clipping”

Credits - Contributions:

  • Art Of War - P90 SWEP, Wraith Weapons
  • Blazemann - Code
  • fdinasty - VGUI “Concept HUDS, SGA Glyphs”
  • Gmod4phun - Atlantis Door Frame
  • Itbankrock - P90 World Model
  • Lotus006 - Facepunch Forum Help
  • MarkJaw - Modeling, Uv-mapping, Texturing
  • Pac_187 - Texture Help/Base Textures
  • ProgSys - Textures, Models
  • Remus - TAC Compile
  • Strelok - P90 Sounds
  • THE DOCTOR - Illustrator Detail, Supergate Event Horizon
  • Tiny - Models, Textures
  • Zsigmond.daniel - Universe Event Horizon, Models

Credits - Pre-CAP:

  • aVoN - base codes of DHD, gates, ring panels, vehicles, bullets, tracers and much more
  • BlackJack - help in the Facepunch thread
  • BlackMac - help in the Facepunch thread
  • Brophis - event horizon close texture
  • Catdaemon - Base code for transport Rings and their Panels and wraith harvester
  • Cebt - Tollana Gates, Power Node
  • Col Sheppard - sounds
  • Dav0r - first Stargate models
  • DrFattyJr - Overloader, asuran beam, dakara, naquada bomb, ori cannon, personal shield and more code.
  • Flyboi - help in Facepunch thread
  • Ice D Angel - help in fp thread
  • Jeremy - help in the Facepunch thread
  • jdm12989 - original ZPM SENT
  • JinTo - Custom Physic Library, inspired aVon with his gmod9 stargate
  • KillerRabbit - first Stargate models
  • Lantis - new stargate sg1/infinity/movie sounds
  • LEETNOOB - NightVision for kino
  • Lexi - Janus and Shield Doors Code
  • madjawa - making out a world model out of the Zatniktel view model
  • micropro - ancient shield generator device, first Stargate models
  • miriam - made a worldmodel out of the hand device, first Stargate models
  • PyroSpirit - Overloader, asuran beam, dakara, naquadah bomb, ori cannon, personal shield and more code.
  • René (Stargate Fan) - sounds
  • Roltzy - sodan cloaking device worldmodel
  • RononDex - base codes of DHD, gates, ring panels, vehicles, bullets, tracers and much more…
  • Rothon - original GDO code
  • StargateTC: Legacy Team - Zatniktel Model
  • Stargate: The Last Stand Team - Hand Device Model, Anubis Guard and Heavy Soldier Player Model (Vertical Game Studios)
  • Shanjaq - Help in the Facepunch thread
  • Trekkie0 - Help in the Facepunch thread
  • Warkanum - Supergate Base Code
  • WeltEnSTurm - Gravity Controller
  • Zup - original gates model