Error codes

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This page will provide all the error codes that you may receive in-game.


The Stargate Group System Addon has been found on your Garry's Mod Installation, please remove this addon! This addon has been merged into the Carter Addon Pack and should be removed to avoid confliction errors.


Carter Addon Pack is installed incorrectly, please visit the download page for more information. Make sure you've completely downloaded both 'cap' and 'cap_resources' folders and placed them into your addons folder.


The Carter Addon Pack version checker is corrupt! Please manually remove it and redownload the file from github 'addons/cap/lua/cap_ver.lua'.


You currently have both workshop and github versions installed of the code from the Carter Addon Pack. Please remove one of both to prevent possible conflicts and other problems.


CAP_Resources can not be found on your Garry's Mod Installation. Please make sure you've downloaded all the resources from the Steam Workshop Collection OR from the Github Repository. More information and instruction can be found on the download page.


Your Garry's Mod is out of date. Please make sure you've got the latest version installed!


Wiremod can not be found on your Garry's Mod Installation. Please make sure you've installed it correctly. More information and instruction can be found on the download page.


You are currently running Garry's Mod 13 Beta which is not supported by our addon anymore. Please make sure you're using the official and up to date version of Garry's Mod!


Please subscribe to all the workshop items from the collection to make sure the addon will work correctly. Press the "Subscribe to all" button which can be found on the Workshop Collection page.

Because the collection is rather huge there might have been a problem where one of the items was not completely downloaded or got corrupted.


You have both the Github version and the workshop version of cap_resources installed. Please remove one of both by removing the cap_resources folder manually in your addon folder or by unsubscribing from the workshop collection.


The custom fonts can not be found on your Garry's Mod Installation. Please download the following file from our site and make sure you've installed the files correctly:

To install this, simply unzip the content by extracting the content with windows explorer or by pressing extract here with winrar, make sure you do not press extract to cap_fonts as that will create a folder within a folder!

So double check that inside the folder there is an addon.txt and a resource file present. After it has been properly extracted place the cap_fonts folder inside "Steam\steamapps\COMMON\GarrysMod\garrysmod\addons"

After this you're good to go and have CAP fully Installed! The reason why you need to download these fonts separated is that the GMA workshop file type doesn't function with custom fonts which is a Steam/GMOD error which we as addon creators can't change or find a workaround for.


Your Cap_Resources folder is outdated! Please update it to the latest version.


Old workshop files found. Please remove following files inside "Steam\steamapps\COMMON\GarrysMod\garrysmod\addons" folder: "Here will be a list of old .GMA files that are still present in your addons folder." Please remove any old .GMA files that are used/downloaded before 22/04/2014.


Your Wiremod is outdated, please update it to the latest version to make the Carter Addon Pack fully functional. You're using an older repository of the Wiremod SVN. Therefore we suggest you to switch to the newer github or Steam Workshop version.

Outdated SVN Link:
New SVN Link:
Github Link:
Steam Workshop Link: filedetails/?id=160250458

Note: If you open the svn link in a normal browser you will receive an error page. Use the above mentioned SVN links to checkout the repository with any SVN client.

Carter Addon Pack - Unknown Error

This is an unknown error that can be caused by a variety of problems mostly linked to the code part of CAP which could be corrupted or not loaded correctly.

In most cases this error is caused by conflicting addons, having too many addons installed (client-side file error limit) and/or using an outdated/old version of Garry's Mod.

If you experience such an error we suggest you to follow our troubleshooting steps found here!