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GateSpawners are a way to make a setup of elements spawn from CAP on any map.
This feature is also made as CAP does not correctly function with save files in Garry's Mod.

Place any of the following items on your desired map:

  • Stargates (Plus any props, attached to a Stargates/Rings)
  • DHDs
  • Rings
  • Ring Panels
  • Destiny Timer
  • Gate Bearing
  • Floor Chevron
  • Kino Dispenser
  • Destiny Console
  • Ramp
  • Brazier
  • Gravity Controller
  • Atlantis Transporter
  • Cap doors and door controllers

After you've setup everything go to the Stargate ConVars menu to then click the "Create Gatespawner" button.

Doing this it will create a ".txt" file in the Data folder located in your Garry's Mod installation: "steam\steamapps\common\GarrysMod\garrysmod\data"

Due to Garry's Mods limitation of the function "file.Write" we can not directly save the generated gatespawner as a ".lua" file. We're currently only able to save it as a ".txt" file so you will have to change the extension from ".txt" to ".lua" or the gatespawner will NOT work!

After you have changed the extension of the gatespawner file you'll have to move this ".lua" file to lua/data/gatespawner\_group\_maps (for the group system) or into lua/data/gatespawner_maps (for the galaxy system) Manually!

Do note that this folder might not be there so this folder will also be required to be created by the user to place the ".lua" file into it.

After the file has been placed in the right directory the gatespawner will now work the next time you load the map for which the gatespawner was made for.


ConVars are basic variable options that are self-explanatory and have the main purpose for server administrators to configure CAP specifically for their servers.

To open the ConVars menu, go to the CAP (stools menu) Settings/ConVars, and then click on either the Stargate ConVars or CAP ConVars.

If you are new to the Carter Addons Pack or Garry's Mod, it is recommended that you leave these settings alone. You can always play with the settings and if something does go wrong, you can reset it so you don't have to be too afraid of messing up your Garry's Mod installation.