Misc Weapons

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All the non-hostile weapons from Stargate in CAP – found under the Misc Weapons section of the Stargate GMod tab. Ranging from things like the Jumper or Kino Remote to things like the Sodan Cloaking device or Personal shield.


AVG – Stargate Virus SWEP:

The Stargate Virus was created by Dr. Jay Felger disable targeted gates by scrambling the DHD arrangement, just like pressing F on a keyboard but receiving a G. This means also that it can receive an inbound wormhole, but cannot dial out.

After the test to target a gate on a Baal controlled world, Baal modified the virus to disable the entire gate network by transmitting the virus through the stargate updates, having the most to gain, because of his large fleets. Carter and Felger went to the gate they had infected, and disabled the virus.

In-Game, you must place it on a gate and it will stop the gate from dialing out, but can still receive an incoming wormhole. It will also turn invisible when placed on the gate.

Left Click – Place Virus Chip On Gate
E – Retrieve Virus Chip (when placed on gate)

Atanik Armband:

The atanik armband is a weapon of sorts. It is attached to the wearer's arm and largely enhances the users strength and speed, thus they eat more to supplement the energy needed for the enhancements.

In game, this weapon grants faster speed, 200 suit power and higher jumping. The weapon also kicks a punch, but only works when an NPC is on front of you.

Sprint (SHIFT) – Enhanced Sprint
Jump (Space) – Higher Jump
Left Click (with NPC in front) – Punch (usually one hit kill)

Garage Door Opener (GDO):

The Garage Door Opener also known as the GDO, is a portable device, which can be used to open/close the iris on the receiving gate.

It is used in conjunction with the iris computer. You just enter a code and send the signal through the gate to the receiver on the other end.

If your code matches up with the one in the database, the iris opens, allowing safe passage.

Goa’uld Mobile DHD:

A piece of technology mostly used by Ba’al during Stargate: Continuum. This device is a mobile DHD, but unlike a Kino Remote, it can only be used if clamped onto the Stargate itself.

The device also provides power to the gate, making it a must-have when exploring planets. You can never know when the gate you are dialing to, has a missing, or broken DHD.

It can start a Dialing in any usual way, but don’t forget to take it back off before you step through the gate, if you still need it, that is.

In-Game, it will get put on the gate and act as a DHD.

Left Click – Place on Stargate and Bring up Dialing Menu
E – Take back off gate (when placed on gate)

Jumper Remote:

This is the Jumper Remote, the Stargate equivalent of a car remote. It can be used for securing your parked jumper.

Left Click – Cloak Vehicle
Right Click – Open Back Door
Reload – Remote Self Destruct

Kino Remote:

This is the Ancient equivalent of a smartphone.

In Gmod it has 3 functions: Controlling the Kino, Opening Stargate Dial Menu, Opening Ring Dial Menu.

Left Click – Activate Current Setting
Right Click – Change Setting
Reload (when using kino control view) – Toggle Zoom

Life Sign Detector:

The Life Sign Detector (LSD) is a small, handheld device, first encountered inside a puddle jumper, in the ancient city of Atlantis.

As the name suggests, it is used to track the position of life-forms relative to the user.

Simply whip it out, and you can see every living thing around you.

MALP Remote:

The MALP remote is just a remote control, like for a toy car, but for a MALP.

Left Click – Control MALP
W; S; A; D – Moves MALP Forward; Backward; Left; Right (while in control of MALP)
1 – MALP Camera
Arrows – Moves MALP Camera (while in MALP camera view)

Nox Hands:

Become a Nox and use your hands to heal a friend, or activate a Stargate. The Nox Hand Stargate activation does not use a kawoosh.

Left Click – Open Stargate Dial Menu
Right Click – Heal Friend (on multiplayer)

Personal Shield:

This is a personal shield, that will protect you from any kinds of projectiles, from melons to highly concentrated bursts of energy.

However it will only protect you from the first few shots, because it runs out of power quite fast, so make sure you run for cover once the first shot hits.

Turn it off, and let it recharge before you get back into battle.

Though this device protects you from incoming fire, you are not invincible, as you can still drown, or suffocate.

Left Click – Activate

Ring Caller:

Calls the closest rings.

Left Click – Dial Nearest Rings
Right Click – Open Ring Dial Menu

Sodan Cloak:

A device built by the Sodan, most likely a copy of tech from the Ancients.

When activated, this device renders one invisible.

Left Click – Cloak
Right Click – Uncloak