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All objects or entities that do not fit into the categories above.


Ancient Obelisk:

The Ancient Obelisk is a device that teleports you through Stargates, it will automatically dial random Stargates and teleport you to there.

Place a minimum of 2 obelisk’s on 2 different Stargates to make this work, of course there can be more.

After 10-30sec the gate will be dialed and when connected you will be teleported to the Ancient obelisk near the receiving Stargate.

Anti Prior Device:

The Anti Prior Device is used in stargate to disable the powers of the Ori priors and it also works on the human Ori – Adria.

Spawn it and use the device (press E on it) and the light will begin to rotate, that’s how you know that it is on. In-Game, it stops other players from no-clipping within the range of the device.

Apple Core:

Seen in Stargate Universe as a console to control the ship Destiny and some other functions like kino’s.

In-game, it controls kino devices, acts as DHD and is wireable as a text screen.

Arthur’s Mantle:

When the Ancient named Merlin de-ascended to fight the Ori, he created this device to hide his weapon work from The Others.

In-game, Arthur’s Mantle works like in the series. If you start using it, you will be rendered invisible. No prop that you spawn when out-of-phase will be visible to others.

Asgard Teleporter:

The Asgard Teleporter is an advanced piece of tech used by the Asgard which transports people efficiently and is seen to have a very large range. In-game it can be used to teleport you to your GPS locations you defined.

To use:

1. Spawn a GPS (GPS1) near the console.
2. Spawn a GPS (GPS2) somewhere else.
3. Spawn a wire button (button1) on the asgard console near GPS1.
4. Spawn a wire button (button2) near GPS2.
5. Wire ‘Origin [Vector]’ to GPS1.
6. Wire ‘Dest [Vector]’ to GPS2.
7. Wire ‘Send’ to button1.
8. Wire ‘Retrieve’ to button2.
9. Weld everything to the world so that it doesn’t get teleported.

After the you are ready to be teleported, just press a button and you will be teleported to where you placed the other GPS. If you wish to send props, then:

10. Spawn another wire button button3 to console.
11. Wire ‘Teleport Everything’ to button3.
12. Weld button3 to world.
13. Turn on button 3, and props will be teleported (teleport them like you would teleport yourself). (Turn it off again, and it will stop teleporting props.)

Atlantis Transporter:

The Atlantis Transporter, as seen in SGA is used to transport people around Atlantis. In Gmod, they work slightly like stargates or rings. You must give it an address, then, to teleport, click USE on the teleporter and it will open up a list of the other transporters. As with Stargates, these transporters have the option to be blocked or made private.

Black Hole:

The Black Hole will eat everything and will become bigger with everything that it eats, it provides ultimate energy and is the only way to give the Supergate enough energy.

Spawn it and give it props or ents, it will suck up anything and just becomes bigger, be aware if you come to close to it you can be eaten as well.

CFD – Call Forwarding Device:

A device used by anubis. Effectively an iris that doesn’t kill. When attached to a Stargates DHD, it will send anything that is traveling through the Stargate to a random Stargate address. The one on P3X-584, which was the world Khalek was being kept, was reprogrammed to send anything travelling through the Stargate back to the dialing Stargate.

In-Game, when turned on, it sends people back to the Stargate with the outgoing wormhole.

Communication Stone and Stone Tablet:

This is taken from the idea of the large Ancient com device, seen in SG-1 which made Daniel and Vala switch bodies with people in the Ori galaxy.

In-game, when 2 people touch a stone to the tablet, they switch bodies.

Destiny Console:

This is the Destiny Console these are seen throughout the Destiny, and are used to control the ship’s various functions, including the Stargate.

In-game, it has numerous wire outputs, has a Kino screen, and can be used as a DHD.

Destiny Timer (Count Down Clock):

This is the Destiny Count Down Clock as seen in the gateroom from the Destiny.

Contrary to the show this timer leaves out hours & milliseconds, only showing minutes & seconds.

In-game, it has to be wired to the Stargate to function like: Wire “minutes” & “seconds” to constant values.

Kino & Dispenser:

The Kino is a small anti-gravity camera created by the Ancients. This allows the crew of the Destiny to use the Kino in a fashion similar to MALP unit.

It’s feed can be accessed by using the kino control swep or the Destiny console.

The dispenser can spawn a max of 4 kino devices to fly around with, if you don’t get the kino control equipped, than it will automatically give you one.

Lantean Holo Projector:

The holo-projector as seen in SGA. In Gmod, lights will appear like a map of a galaxy, just step up to the pedestal. When you step down, they will go out.


The MALP “Mobile Analytic Laboratory Probe” is a probe with a camera that is used to go through Stargates to see whats on the other side.

To use: left mouse button click will activate it and WSAD will drive it “or others defined in the cap tab under control settings.

To stop using and walk around press right mouse button. Pressing “1” when controlling the MALP will switch it to camera view.

MCD – Molecular Construction Device:

The Molecular Construction Device is a powerful apparel capable of creating complex devices out of nothing.

It can be set to create certain items with specific, user defined attributes, such as strength/color for shields, as well as Keyboard input for triggering them.

Unlike the normal STools fitted with Garry’s Mod, the MCD built devices cannot have a user defined model.

It will take some time to build the item from scratch, so be patient. When nearing completion, the floating, unfinished item will descend onto the MCD, after which it will be completed and ready to use.

Shield Core:

This is the shield core as seen in Stargate Universe onboard Destiny.

Press E on the device to bring up the menu, then put the settings you want (colour, size, shape etc). After you have set the numpad toggle button, you can then press ok, and use the key you set to active the shield.

Ship’s Hangar:

The Hangar is a place where you can spawn your ships and repair them.

You can use this to spawn every small ship in it and when your ship is damaged fly in this hangar and it will repair the ship.

Sodan Obelisk:

This was a piece of ancient tech, adopted and used by the Sodan (a group of Jaffa, separated from the rest), which could transport them from the Stargate to their settlement.

To use, touch 2 obelisks together. Then press the numbers you want to be the pass code, then click the pass button. After this, those numbers you chose will make the obelisk activate, and you will teleport to the other one.

Stargate Iris Computer:

This is the device which controls the SGC iris. In Gmod, it can be used to control any iris.

To use, spawn near a stargate with an iris. Then click E. The pop-up menu is pretty self-explanatory to allow you to assign GDO codes and iris auto-close functions.

Telchak Healing Device:

The Telchak Healing Device is named after the Goa’uld who found it, and developed the Goa’uld Sarcophagus based on this technology.

The device was made by the Ancients, and it can restore dead or damaged tissue, and animate nonliving tissue.

However, it is extremely powerful and can kill or drive humans insane.

In-game, once activated with the USE key, it will heal players near it until their life reaches 200, when it will then kill the player.