Player Weapons

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These are the hostile weapons such as the well-known Staff Weapon and Zat’nik’tel (or zat-gun) found in CAP. These are found in the Player Weapons section of the Stargate GMod tab.


Asuran Pistol:

As the name suggests, the Asuran Pistol it the main handheld weapon used by the Asurans.

It fires extremely powerful energy bolts capable of killing many NPC’s in close radius with one shot.

Left Click – Fire Weapon

Goa’uld Hand Device:

The weapon that a Goa’uld uses to protect themselves in the event that there are no Jaffa to protect them. This can only be used by a Goa’uld or person with naquadah in their blood.

It has many settings such as stun, push, cook brain and others. It can also be used to call rings and activate a personal shield.

In-Game, it has four settings; Push – Emits a wave to fling enemies backwards; Cook Brain – Emits a beam that cooks a brain; Call Nearest Rings; Open Ring Dial Menu.

Left Click – Use Selected Setting
Right Click – Change Settings

Jaffa Dagger:

The Jaffa Dagger is basically a weapon of last resort. If the Staff weapon and Zat can't kill you, the Dagger will.

It is the Jaffa weapon of choice, for killing anything within melee range.

For scraping out enemy Jaffa’s symbiotes from their pouches, to killing those annoying mingebags on your favourite servers.

Left Click – Slash or Stab

Ori Staff Weapon:

The Ori Staff Weapon is the standard weapon of the Ori foot-soldiers.

It is as elegant as deadly, as one single hit can deal lethal damage. It is advised to aim away from one’s feet as the blast will probably kill, or severely disfigure the user as well.

Left Click – Fire

Ronans Gun:

Little is known about this gun. It is used by Ronan Dex, and by the travellers, so it is likely Ronon acquired it from them. It fires red bolts of energy and has a stun and kill settings

In game, it is a brilliant little gun to use & it even has a stun setting.

Left Click – Fire Gun
Right Click – Change Fire Mode (Kill/Stun)

SG FN P90:

The post season 3, standard issue, submachine gun for every off-world team.

Extremely powerful and accurate.

Left Click – Fire
Right Click – Scope Sight
Reload – Reloads the gun

Staff Weapon:

This is one of the two most well known weapons of Stargate SG-1. It is the primary weapon of the Jaffa, and strikes fear into its enemies.

Although this weapon seams powerful, it is inaccurate and not as deadly as other weapons are, for example – it is ineffective on replicators. As O’niel said ‘This is a weapon of terror, it intimidates people’.

In-Game, Left Click to fire, and, as seen in SG-1, the fire button can be held down to make it act like a machine gun – staff weapon.

Wraith Blaster (Stunner Rifle):

The primary weapon of the wraith, this stunner is used to stun wraith victims to bring them back to the hive for feeding.
In-game, left click to fire a killing shot, right click to fire a stunning shot.

Wraith Hands:

As seen in SGA, this SWEP is the hand of a wraith. In-game, it punches people and kills them.


The Zat’nik’tel (pronounced zatnikatel) and nicknamed Zat gun by O’niell, is the other of the most know weapons in Stargate SG-1.

This weapon is extremely useful and effective because of its three time firing effects. 1 shot stuns, 2 shots kill and 3 shots will disintegrate matter if the shots are fired all in a short space of time (maybe 1hr, not specified).

Although this weapon is ineffective against the replicators, like the staff weapon, it is most effective in battle, and for stunning but not killing, which has it’s obvious advantages in capturing a foe.

In the game, it acts like in the show. 1 shot stuns, 2 kills, and 3 disintegrates (small) objects.