Teleportation Systems

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DHD’s (Dial Home Devices)

Dialling Formula and Other Stargate Features

Ring Technology


The Stargate, constructed by the Ancients millennia ago, is a device used to enable interstellar travel through a wormhole. The 39 symbols representing star constellations are dialled as an address to open the wormhole.

A large deadly kawoosh is emitted from the gate, before it contracts back into a ‘circle of standing water’ which is then safe to step through, allowing instant transportation to a different planet.

In GMod, the Stargates are used to dial other Stargates on a map, and after the merge with Stargate; Group Systems, the way they work has become more realistic to how it was seen in the show. A VGUI menu on the Stargate can be opened by pressing E on the Stargate.

This is simply a Stargate dial helper, with many features. It will be explained later. Below is all the Stargates listed, and information about them.

SG-1 Stargate (Milky Way Stargate):

SG-1, or Milky Way Gates, are the gates found in the Milky Way, created by the Ancient most likely somewhere in between their arrival to the Milky Way and their departure to the Pegasus Galaxy, or after their return to the Milky Way galaxy after the war with the Wraith.

Can dial any other Stargate, and if placed on an SGC ramp, steam will erupt from the conductors preventing the gate from trembling severely while dialling.

Atlantis Stargate (Pegasus Stargate):

Built by the Ancient after their arrival in the Pegasus Galaxy, after fleeing the Ori Plague that ravaged their society in the Milky Way.

Blue chevrons instead of the orange ones the Milky Way gates use, its slow dial is faster than the Milky Way slow dial and the DHD/fast dial is slower than the Milky Way fast dial.

Can be dialled from any other gate-class and can dial all gate-classes capable of receiving outbound wormholes.

Universe Stargate (Destiny-Class Stargate):

The first type of Stargate ever to be built by the Ancients, this gate-class was used to seed planets in Destiny’s predestined path by the Seed Ships.

Dangerous planets are locked out by the Destiny’s on-board computers, but can be overridden.

Universe gates can dial all other Destiny-Class gates normally with a 7 chevron address (locally) but with the below listed addition, any other connections will require a 9 chevron address.

Universe Gates are range calculated when dialling out (locally), but can be dialled in (from another gate-class) from any distance.

Tollana Stargate:

The Tollan Stargate was built by the Tollans on their new home world, Tollana, after fleeing there old planet, Tollan, because of a volcanic disaster, a result of an orbital shift.

The planet did not originally possess a Stargate, but with the help of the Nox, the Tollan constructed their own, and used an SG-1 DHD from another planet.

The ingame Stargate is white with blue chevrons.

Infinity Stargate:

Concept taken from the short-lived animated series called Stargate: Infinity.

Although the kawoosh of this particular Stargate did not disintegrate matter in the animated series, it does in GMod.

Movie Stargate:

The first Stargate seen in the first Movie from 1994.

The model is slightly different than the series like Stargates as you can see the main chevron locker and that in fact this gate doesn’t have chevron lights lit up when it’s being dialled.

A nice addition to the Stargate collection made by AlexALX.

Orlin’s Minigate:

The Orlin Minigate was created by the human form of the de-ascended Ancient known as Orlin.

It was constructed using lots of industrial and construction materials ordered on the Internet and Samantha Carter’s toaster.

He then used it to travel to Velona to stop an SG Team to try to use the weapon, he once taught the now extinct inhabitants to build.

The Orlin Minigate is a Stargate without its own DHD, which can only dial out, hence it cannot receive inbound wormholes.

It has no visible chevrons, and after each use it must be cooled down in order to be used again, possibly due to the lack of naquadah it is also only able to sustain a wormhole for a short amount of time before shutting down.


A massive Stargate structure created by the Ori to conquer distant galaxies, made up of several huge segments floating in space, capable of inter-galactic travel connecting galaxies from extreme distances allowing ships, mostly Ori Motherships to move from galaxy to galaxy.

If energy gates are on, must be powered by enormous amounts of power like a blackhole for instance.

DHD’s (Dial Home Devices)

DHD’s or Dial Home Devices, are the primary means of dialling a Stargate. There are all kinds of DHD’s, from the off-world DHD’s to the Atlantis City DHD.

In Gmod, a DHD is used by pressing E on each symbol, before pressing the dial button in the centre. By aiming at the middle of a DHD, then pressing c, you can use the mouse to dial it, which is easier than pressing E to activate each symbol and moving the screen around.

Off-world DHDs:

Short for “Dial Home Device”, is used to dial any Stargate that is not connected to any kind of dialling computer.

Currently included in CAP are the following off-world DHDs: SG-1 (Milky Way), SG-A (Atlantis), SGU (Universe [Concept]) and Infinity, and they all work the same way!

Atlantis City DHD:

The DHD used in the city of Atlantis. This has additional buttons such as an iris control. There is no ‘#’ symbol on this DHD, so when you get to the last symbol #, press the middle button to lock this symbol and open the Stargate.

Concept Art DHD:

Working exactly as the other DHDs, this DHD was the original concept before Stargate: SG-1 began. The reasons why it was abandoned are pretty obvious: It is somewhat bulky and not user-friendly.

Dialling Formula and Other Stargate Features:

Group System Dialling Formula

There are 7 groups in the group menu; Milky Way (M@), Pegasus (P@), Ida (Asgard) (I@), Othala Galaxy (Asgard) (OT), Ori Galaxy (O@) and Universe (. The seventh is custom ([any other letter then those used]@). Only Universe gates can be universe class, and they can only have universe class. Universe gates have types. Seed Ship, Universe or Destiny (only one universe gate can have destiny class). Group system also contains local and blocked stargate features.

Blocked gates are displayed using red text color in menu and cannot be pressed for dial it. But you still can dial it manually by typing address in dialing menu or by dhd buttons/wiremod.

Local gates can dial only 7 chevrons, and cannot access incoming connection with 8-9 chevrons.

When dialling to a Stargate of the same group connect to Stargate of same group (excluding universe) – 7 chevrons are used and address would be: Address;(123456) and point of origin (#). Address would be (123456#).

When a Stargate connects to a Stargate with a different group (excluding universe) – 8 chevrons are used and address is: Address; (123456), Stargate group; (M@) and point of origin ; (#). Address: (123456M#).

When a not universe Stargate connects to a universe Stargate – 9 chevrons used and address is: address; (123456), and universe Stargate type; (U@#). Address; (123456U@#).

When a Universe Stargate connects to a not universe Stargate – 9 chevrons used and address is: address; (123456), Stargate group; (M@) and point of origin; (#).

When a Universe Stargate connects to a universe Stargate within Stargate convar range – 7 chevrons used and address is: address; (123456) and point of origin (#).

When a Universe Stargate connects to a universe Stargate outside Stargate convar range – 8 chevrons used and address is: address; (123456), Universe type (U@#) and point of origin; (#). Address (123456U#).

Galaxy System Dialling Formula

There are galaxy checkbox in stargate menu. Universe stargate havn’t this checkbox. Also dhd’s have ! instead 0 symbol, symbols @ and ! reserved for 8 and 9 chevrons dialing and cannot be used in address. Also in galaxy system there is no local or blocked stargate feature.

When a non-galaxy stargate connects to non-galaxy stargate – 7 chevrons are used and address would be: Address (123456) and point of origin (#). Address would be (123456#).

When a non-galaxy stargate connects to galaxy stargate – 8 chevrons are used and address is: Address (123456), Galaxy suffix (@) and point of origin (#). Address: (123456@#).

When a not universe Stargate connects to a universe Stargate – 9 chevrons used and address is: address (123456) and suffix (@!#). Address: (123456@!#).

When a Universe Stargate connects to a not universe Stargate – 9 chevrons used and address is: address (123456) and suffix (@!#). Address: (123456@!#).

When a Universe Stargate connects to a universe Stargate within Stargate convar range – 7 chevrons used and address is: address; (123456) and point of origin (#).

When a Universe Stargate connects to a universe Stargate outside Stargate convar range – 8 chevrons used and address is: address; (123456), suffix (@) and point of origin; (#). Address (123456@#).

Wormhole Jump

If an active Stargate has large amount of energy directed through it, there is a rare occurrence named a wormhole jump. As the name suggests, the Stargate dialled disconnects and the wormhole connects to another Stargate, closest to the one being dialled.

To perform this action in-game, a user must detonate a Naquadah Bomb of a yield of 20-30 in close proximity of the dialling Stargate, or used a shaped charge directed at the Stargate. This action can be used on a Supergate. If a Stargate is placed near a Supergate, and the Stargate next to the Supergate is dialed and overloaded, then the energy will connect the outgoing wormhole to the Supergate.

Damaged Chevrons or DHD’s

A feature is included that allows DHD’s and Chevrons to be destroyed (can be disabled in convars). Even though a DHD is destroyed, the power source is still useable. When a chevron is destroyed, the gate is unusable.

Ring Technology:

Ring transports are a technology that will transport anyone and anything inside the rings once activated to another set of rings.

Used by many races, among them the Goa’uld, who originally stole if from the Ancients, and are also used by the Ori.

They are most often used together with Ring Platforms (Ring Ramps) and Ring Dialling Panels, and both the rings and panel will fit into the marked space of one if spawned on a ring platform.

The Rings work by giving each set of rings a specific name, or “code”, by pressing “Use” once aiming at them and then entering an address consisting of numbers only.
Only one of the same number is allowed in every sequence, ie “1231” is not allowed. By simply hitting the “Dial” button on a ring panel (used to dial manually), or use a Ring Caller will make the targeted rings transport to the nearest set of rings.

Ancient Rings:

Presumably the original creators of Ring Technology, the Ancient rings differ from other rings by the fact that their panels have 1 through to 8 symbols on them. It can also trigger a energy weapon by entering a 4-digit secret code.

Goa’uld Rings:

Goa’uld rings were mainly used as means of transportation from orbiting ships and from base to base.

The Goa’uld Panel has 5 numerical buttons and the “Dial” button.

Ori Rings:

Ori rings are spawned together with its platform, and their panels work exactly like the Goa’uld ones.

Used to launch warriors and transport personal off Ori Motherships.