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Vagrant configuration using Chef Solo to bootstrap a Hubot using Skype as client.
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What is this?

It is Hubot using Skype ready to go!!! An Easy way to use hubot in your company. Enable easy and quick development of new hubot commands.

What it does?

Generate a VM with Hubot and Skype available out of box. Install all OS dependencies like git, python, node, oracle node, coffeescript, vim, vim modules for development. Move all files to right place according to installation guides. the progress are available no trello:

PRE REQUIREMENTS installed in your machine:

Git installed

VMBox installed Version 4.2.18

Vagrant installed Vagrant version 1.3.3

X11 client Installed for Mac and for Windows

Oracle OCI Version Installed

Need a oracle account to download the files.


1) Copy all OCI rpm files to folder “shared_folder”


git clone

3) After you clone this repository download the following Cookbooks:

cd cookbooks;
git clone nodejs;
git clone;
git clone;
git clone;

TIP: You can run a helper script cookbooks/ or bat

For windows I recommend to use powershell.

Starting the Vagrant VM:

#If Windows start Xming client.

vagrant up;
# wait several minutes for fist time.

# For windows use putty with x11 enabled.

ssh -Y vagrant@;
#passwd: vagrant

# From this point the commands are inside the VM.

skype &;
# wait skype gui lauch.
#login to skype client, before start hubot

cd hubot;
hubot -a skype &; 
# a modal gui will be prompted from skype, accept/allow it.

Manual Test

From client (Not same skype lauched in previous screen)
  Login to Skype
  Open the contact configured
  type: hubot ping
  Expected reply from Hubot: PONG

After use, in order to stop de VM use:

vagrant halt;

If you want to start from scratch use the following

vagrant destroy;
vagrant up;

Tested on

  • MacOSx

  • Windows 7


install hubot-control
automatic cookbooks dependency



Rafael Gorski ( | @GorskiRafael)

No license attached, if you like it, make reference to my me, or fork, star this repo || @GorskiRafael

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