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This is a 2D engine for Kha. The api is being developed and it can change, but it is already in a good state.

showcase | samples

Main features:

Game objects are represented by the class Object, and it can have one of the graphic class:

  • Sprites
  • TileSprite (a sprite with a seamless texture that can scroll inside)
  • NinePatch
  • Tilemap
  • GraphicList (can hold many graphic classes together)
  • Text and BitmapText
  • Shapes
  • Particles

There is a basic entity-component system, you can create generic components that can be updated with the objects.
Components available:

  • Animator (for spritesheet animations)
  • Motion (for velocity, acceleration and drag)
  • OnClick (for a basic click event)

Images can be used as a single file, or it can be used inside an atlas.
Softwares supported: TexturePacker and Shoebox

There is no code for tweens, but there is support to use the library Delta.

There is a collision system for rectangle objects and tilemaps, but it needs more testing.

Documentation and a tutorial are planned.


  • Add support for Differ in the collision system
  • Screen transitions
  • Shaders