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Tool Manager

Tool Manager is a User Interface hack. I love RoboFont but I hate the glyph window's default toolbar. So I made my own.

This extension can be used in two ways: as a secondary, external tool palette or as a toolbar manager, in which you control the number of displayed tools in the default toolbar (that was an initial purpose, I have too many tools installed)

How to use it:

  1. install the extension, after the installation is completed, restart the app
  2. open glyph window (important)
  3. go to Extension menu in the main, top menu. Click on Tool Manager button
  4. amazing toolbar will appear.
    • If you will stretch it, you will see the checkboxes.
    • the checkboxes describe if the tool is activated (you won't be able to use disactivated tools, and they won't appear in the default toolbar)
    • if you will click on the settings button, the settings section will appear: here you can set the custom keystrokes for each of the tools
    • in the settings section, you will see two checkboxes: one will hide the default toolbar in glyph windows, the other one will turn on the extension work as a default toolbar (it will open and close along with glyph windows)


It is UI hack, that helps you manage or get rid of default toolbar.







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