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No Maintenance Intended

JavascriptRouting Service Provider

JavascriptRouting Service Provider provides easy way to access your routes inside Javacript files. It's cool because putting your routes inside js files as static strings sucks.

Installation (composer)

require: "rafal/javascriptroutingserviceprovider": "1.0.*@dev"


  • jsrouting.path - Required. Path where router.js ( name by default ) will be created.
  • jsrouting.file_neme - Output file name. Default router.js.
  • jsrouting.refresh - If true routes will be generated on each request. Default true.
  • jsrouting.basepath - If true request basepath will be inserted before each generated route. Default false.


Lets say you have:

$app['jsrouting'] = function () {
    return new Rafal\JavascriptRoutingServiceProvider\JavascriptRoutingServiceProvider();
$app->register($app['jsrouting'], array(
    'jsrouting.path'        => __DIR__.'/public/js',
    'jsrouting.file_name'   => 'router.js',
    'jsrouting.refresh'     => $app['debug'],
    'jsrouting.basepath'    => true,

$app->get('/{name}/extensions/are/{what}', function() use($app) {
    // your cool code
})->bind('opinion')->value('name', 'Rafals')->assert('what', '(cool|lame)');

Now you have to remeber to include router.js file in your layout.

From now you can use Router class inside your JavaScript files. For example:

Router::get('opinion', {name:'Johns', what:'lame'}) # => /project/web/Johns/extensions/are/lame
Router::get('opinion', {what:'cool'}) # => /project/web/Rafals/extensions/are/cool
Router::get('opinion', {what:'cool'}, false) # => /Rafals/extensions/are/cool
Router::get('opinion', {what:'bazinga'}) # ERROR !

As you can se Router class will respect all requirements, and default values defined for your routes. You can overwrite the default request basepath inserting option by the third parameter.


JavascriptRouting Service Provider is licensed under the MIT license.