🍎 macOS Electron+React App for uploading files to S3 directly from Status Bar
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Simple macOS app for uploading files to Amazon Web Services.

Just drag & drop files you'd like to upload on bucket icon displayed on your status bar or application window.

Upload Animation


Simply click on bucket and follow instructions. You'll need access key and secret key for AWS user with S3 Exec Role. You can also try modifying .awscredentials.json file on your own.


  • logging in to AWS S3 account with access + secret keys
  • upload files by dragging them on status bar icon and on window
  • settings permissions and storage classes for uploads
  • get S3 link by clicking uploaded file from list
  • support for dropping many files at once and directories


  • Automatic login on start (no need to enter credentials with every start)
  • Add possibility to abort uploads
  • Tests!
  • Packages for distribution
  • Possibility to disable notifications & automatic URL-to-clipboard write


Special thanks to parkjisun, Sergey Furtaev, Timothy Miller, Joe Mortell for Icons from nounproject.com