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Thanks to the following people for helping out

  • stevelosh on Reddit for contributing the stylesheet
  • Andrew Dalke for pointing out that I was missing __index__, __getstate__, and __setstate__
  • ewiethoff on Reddit for suggesting a table mapping magic methods to any special syntax that invokes them
  • richleland (Richard Leland) for providing styles for Pygments syntax highlighting
  • Simon Sapin for pointing out a number of bugs
  • sarenji (David Peter) for pointing out some bugs in the examples
  • michaelcontento (Michael Contento) for fixing a missing argument in __exit__
  • nosklo for giving some constructive criticism on #python
  • rhettinger for pointing out a number of omissions in the guide
  • aasted for pointing out an error in the organization of the guide
  • seliopou for making the guide a little more visually appealing
  • redtoad for correcting some typos
  • bobuss for finding an error in the AccessCounter example
  • Andrew-Crosio for finding yet another typo
  • william-mi-leslie for finding weaknesses and errors in the guide's treatment of operator overloading
  • petrushev for expanding the guide's description of __reversed__
  • koorgoo for fixing some typos
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