Document the __format__ magic method #26

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This important method makes it possible to control/override/extend the new-style string formatting.

For example, you can create a subclass of int that prints numbers with underscores between the digits:

>>> import re
>>> class UnderInt(int):
        def __format__(self, fmtstr):
                mo ='(\d+)d', fmtstr)
                if mo:
                        width = int(
                        return '_'.join(str(int(self)))
                return int.__format__(self, fmtstr)

>>> print 'There are {0:10d} characters'.format(123456)
There are     123456 characters
>>> print 'There are {0:10d} characters'.format(UnderInt(123456))
There are 1_2_3_4_5_6 characters
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