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A script to convert WP XML dumps (WXR files) to blogofile posts. The script requires you have Python 2.x installed (I know for a fact that it works with Python 2.7 on Fedora 14) and lxml (probably available through your friendly neighborhoob package manager, if not that then sudo easy_install lxml).


You're on shared hosting so you can't install SQLAlchemy or python-mysql on your server. You don't want to have to dump your database, install MySQL on your computer, load the database, install SQLAlchemy and python-mysql, and then run wordpress2blogofile.


Go to your Wordpress admin panel, and go to Tools>>Export. Save the XML file in a convenient place. Then run

$ python [your_wp_xml_dump.xml]

A directory named _posts will be created along with your posts nicely converted. You can then drop that _posts directory straight into whatever folder you have a blogofile site set up in.


Don't know of any, but I've hardly tested this script. Please report any if you come across them. Patches and forks are welcome (see the file LICENSE).